MARCH 28, 2007

Walking is so out of style

       I get made fun of because I like to walk.
       There isnít more to that statement. Thatís it. People find it funny that I prefer actually walking places rather than taking a car or other form of transportation.
       What a bizarre world we live in where people frown upon getting physical activity. But Iím confident in saying that if I stick with my hobby of walking Iíll avoid becoming one of those statistics about obese Canadians.
       Itís not to say that I consider myself Mr. Olympia because Iím certainly not that by any means. Rather, you can call me Mr. Active. That probably is a better title.
       I donít groan if I forget something in another room and have to get up and go back in there and then plunk myself back on the couch. If anything I look at it as, ďBetter do this faster so I can get back here quicker!Ē
       When I need something small from the corner store I have no problem bundling up in the Ė30 degree weather and hoofing it to the end of the street for groceries. Sometimes it even takes longer to get dressed up for the cold rather than actually to commute back and forth from the store. Again, maybe itís just my opinion but I donít believe fresh air is bad for me.
       Itís disturbing to know that in such a fast-paced world with people constantly go-go-going that we are a heavier society, according to Health Canada.
       But how are we getting from point A to point B? Sitting in a car, a bus, a plane, perhaps a subway. So I guess that means that nowadays we may have more happening but weíre also sitting in one place more too.
       Of course every spring break and summer break and Christmas break parents seem to have a tough time coming up with ideas for what kids can do with all the spare time since classes are out. A lot of times the recommendation is watching TV, playing on the computer or doing something else that can distract and keep the kid ďout of troubleĒ, not realizing the big trouble is that these habits can only lead to unhealthy lifestyles.
       It was refreshing to see in Winnipeg a skateboard park full of teenagers having a good time and enjoying the warm spring weather. Although, had I been doing it Iím sure I would have been hassled because I didnít drive there.
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