OCTOBER 17, 2012
I'm stupid and I know it

Weíre getting dumber, letís face it. We donít use our brains like we used to. How do I know? I am living proof.

I donít know anyoneís phone numbers because they are all programmed in my phone. I donít know what time or channel TV shows are on because itís all pre-programmed to record them. I donít know how to cook because itís just easier to throw the frozen dinner in the toaster oven and come back 30 minutes later. I donít wash dishes anymore, I throw them into a machine and come back an hour later when they are clean and dry and I put them away.

Never more had I felt hopeless/useless than when I went grocery shopping with my mom. Iím a cheapskate, Iíll fully admit that. So I always just buy what I think the better bargain is. But there were some toughies that my mom cringed about. (My mom is a teacher, by the way.)

Take for instance the box of eight granola bars for $1.50 and the box of 40 granola bars for $7.50. I stood there thinking the larger quantity would be cheaper because thatís generally how bulk buying works. But is it? Do you know which is cheaper? Or would you whip out a calculator to figure it out?

It seems like most peopleís favourite phrase these days is ďthereís an app for thatĒ, meaning you can download a program on your cellphone or tablet to assist you with lifeís everyday tasks and not have to do the brainwork yourself.

No longer do we need to be able to figure out things on our own Ė in fact, my brother pointed out there is an app for the grocery aisle dilemma I ran into Ė because people rely so heavily on technology that we feel smart knowing we know how to figure it out with the assistance of a device. Without that device? Weíre screwed.

We feel smart when we know the ins and outs of the technology we use, which is comical to me, but we donít know the basic formulas for actually solving the equation.

I have been a ďwriterĒ for many years. Now, when I jot down a phone number of message on a piece of paper, I have to look at it a few times and decode what I wrote. And I went to school back in the day when they taught us cursive writing.

I wonder if thereís an app that measures my stupidity level.
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