DECEMBER 30, 2013
Rogers: Unreliable for service and billing

You get the email, you pay your bill -- but did you look closely at how much you paid for your cellphone this month? Have you noticed your bill getting more and more expensive?

Click to hear what I discovered earlier this month: ROGERS BILLING ERROR AND CUSTOMER RELATIONS NIGHTMARE.
We gave Rogers several opportunities to go on the record to discuss the issue however they did not followup. And as you will see in the correspondence below, this wasn't intended to be a zinger interview -- everything was outlined and they were going to be given a fair opportunity to speak up. For as fired up as I was about the whole thing, it's rare for me to use my on-air platform to let them defend their carelessness. But they can't say I never gave them a chance.

One question I never got to ask was why Rogers outsources call centre jobs to people working in their own homes: how can I feel safe that my credit card and personal information isn't written down on something and left on a coffee table for one of their friends or family members to steal? I guess as customers we'll just have to live with that uncertainty since Rogers is MIA in the comment department.

Another interesting tidbit to point out: One of the executive staffers previously addressed the lack of care and quality of the company's customer service. I questioned if a late-night phone agent at home would be less interested in helping than someone working in an actual call centre. He told me that if I wanted better service to call in the daytime because that's when they have their more seasoned staff on.

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The emails to Rogers:
(FYI: Maria = Maria Churchill, Vice-President, Customer Experience Team)

-----Original Message-----
From: Jeremy Bradley
Sent: Tuesday, December 10, 2013 11:40 PM
To: 'mchurchill'
Cc:  'Alex Kozlowski'; ''
Subject: RE: Your Recent Email To Rogers

Hi, Maria and Alex. (also copied is Manitoba's Consumer Protection Office as I know the province has recently ruled you need to be clearer with your billing practices --

It's Jeremy here, in Winnipeg. Scroll all the way down for a recap of our previous correspondence.

I had another wonderful call with one of your (presumably) at-home agents tonight and since she couldn't explain to me what Flex Rate Data is on my bill, aside from telling me I went over in my data usage, but with the copy and paste of my most recent bill it looks like I am getting contradictory information -- and some unknown charge for many months. Plus, I would normally receive a text telling me I am close to the limit however I haven't had one of those in a very long time. When and why did that change if I am going over my data usage? Never were any of your agents told to make such changes in my account. If your records show they were, please provide proof of me requesting the change or when I was notified Rogers made the change on its own.

Your attention in not only reviewing this call but providing an explanation (and credits, if necessary) in a timely manner would be greatly appreciated as I will not pay my bill until hearing from you. When I renewed my contract I agreed to $50-something per month and lately it is $90 to $100 per month and I decided to spend some time looking at bills today. I also just noticed that some sort of credit expired in October. If that was to keep me at the $50-something dollar rate instead of bolting from Rogers like I had planned, it was not explained to me that the rate was for a limited time. Please review any previous calls where I made changes to my account as I do not recall agreeing to a short-time discount. MTS was offering a low rate and my understanding was Rogers matched/beat it -- but not for a limited time. I will need confirmation that I was told the rate was not for the duration of my contract. Please provide to me the date and the name of the agent who advised of that so I can make note in my records.

Like many customers, I refuse to pay until someone from the company can make me feel confident they know what they are talking about. And because I have had several billing issues in the past I don't just take any answer that is thrown at me. Since your agent tonight transferred me to the billing department that was closed and said nobody could help me with a break down of the bill, your 24/7 "support" certainly didn't provide much guidance -- and so it is over to you now.

Please review my account as pasted below or check out my bills because this flex rate thing that I have never heard of but that has been on my account since March is bringing up my bill. It started as $5 and seems to keep increasing. The only info I can find on the Rogers website is that Flex Rate has something to do with iPhones, iPads and tablets -- none of which I have.

Regular charges
Oct 14 - Nov 13  Flex Rate Data $15.00

Flex Rate Data - Included 2.02 GB $0.00
Mobile Internet/Data Usage 582.00 KB $0.00

And notice below contradictory information in the data plan details -- is it 1GB or 2GB or 3GB in total? How is a customer supposed to know what they have and to make changes to their data usage if necessary? Within five lines my bill tells me I have 1GB of data and then a 2GB data plan. Which is it? And how can I be "dinged" for going over when I need to decode and guess what my bill means?

Your services include:
  *300 Minutes + 1GB Data
  - Unlimited Evening & Weekend
  - (Starting at 6pm)
  - 2GB Data Plan

Many thanks.


On Dec 13, 2013, at 21:29, "Jeremy Bradley" wrote:

Further to my chat with your colleague on Thursday:
My account was not enhanced as it was made to sound. In fact, it became a nightmare today (on Friday) and I need someone (you, Maria) to take accountability.

I was told I was getting a 5GB plan -- at no time was I told that it was not for my BlackBerry which totally crippled me for my business email correspondence today. I got an error message saying there was something wrong with my SIM so I rushed out and bought a new card, only to get home this evening and call tech support to find out it wasn't my phone's problem at all -- it was your staff's. I was put on a plan not for the model I have and they confirmed whoever it was you assigned to handle my account didn't do a thorough enough investigation as he promised me because he set me up on something not for my Torch.

Secondly, I made sure I asked at least twice if international texting would be included in whatever he was setting me up on and he said there would be a value pack added as I previously had. Your customer support rep tonight told me that it in fact was not added as I was told.

How the hell am I going to have confidence in Rogers? Every single bloody time I make even the simplest change to my account, I have billing problems, tech problems and the last thing I want to do is call back your people because they don't help -- they make things worse.

I don't want to hear from one of your staff. You gave me your direct contact info last time your staff royally screwed up. Wouldn't you know it, now it's executive staff screwing up. I'm directing this to you, Maria: Review my call from tonight and the notes that were put into the account, in addition to what changes your team made and why they weren't done correctly. This is disgusting already. I want complete and detailed answers ASAP. If there is a price difference in what I was quoted on Thursday compared to what the customer service people had to put me on tonight: I don't care, it is not my problem, make it happen to what I was promised yesterday. People in your office promised me one thing and I sure as hell am not letting you get away with some sort of bait and switch that is now going to cost me more in the end.

I am livid right now. My phone number is XXX-XXX-XXXX. Correspondence by email is also appreciated so the province's consumer protection office can get this in writing.

Thank you.

-----Original Message-----
From: Maria Churchill
Sent: Saturday, December 14, 2013 7:33 AM
To: Jeremy Bradley
Subject: Re: Your Recent Email To Rogers


I'm very disappointed to hear about your experience. I am investigating now and will get back to you as soon as I have all the facts.


-----Original Message-----
From: Maria Churchill
Sent: Saturday, December 14, 2013 4:25 PM
To: Jeremy Bradley
Subject: Re: Your Recent Email To Rogers

Hi Jeremy,

Given the problems you encountered we have applied the following credits to your account:

Sim Card charge: $9.99 plus taxes =$11.28
A month of service $66.99 plus taxes =$75.70
12 month credit towards the value pack of $6.99 plus taxes $7.90 for a total credit of $94.79

Please note that the credits have been added effective immediately with the exception of the one month service credit that is pending for your next invoice.

My apologies again for your poor experience.


As for Rogers's media relations team dropping the ball: I was passed around to two different people, both of whom failed to co-ordinate an on-air chat and never followed up with our request to have them on the air the week of Dec. 30. So what does that mean? The public doesn't get to hear their side and instead the company still looks like a bunch of heartless over-charging inconsiderate jerks! Maybe I am editorializing but it is my money being spent month after month.

Here's what didn't happen:

-----Original Message-----
From: "Patricia Trott"
Date: Sun, 15 Dec 2013 10:56:01
To: Jeremy Bradley
Subject: Follow up from Maria Churchill

Hi Jeremy,
I understand that are looking for an interview today. I know you had a very frustrating experience with us and Maria has apologized - we made mistakes.

Can you tell me what kind of questions you'd like to ask/what you'd like to chat about? This for a pre-taped interview for tomorrow's show I believe? How long would the interview be and what time would you be looking for? I realize this is a long list of questions! Let me know and I'll see what we can do. Thanks, Patricia

----- Original Message -----
From: Jeremy Bradley
Sent: Sunday, December 15, 2013 11:41 AM
To: Patricia Trott
Subject: Re: Follow up from Maria Churchill


Thanks for following up.

It's looking like we'll have less than 6min in the segment but I'll open with my story, the lack of customer service support, the frustration and the billing error that Rogers has now confirmed. I will make listeners aware and encourage them to check their bills and be weary of their price plan because untold number of your customers could be charged extra without knowing. I will then say how Maria's office got involved to help but screwed it up more. Knowledge of the entire story will probably help you, so if you can get that it'll be beneficial.

You'll be on the line to confirm my story and say why consumers should trust Rogers.


-----Original Message-----
From: Patricia Trott
Sent: Sunday, December 15, 2013 1:07 PM
To: Jeremy Bradley
Subject: Re: Follow up from Maria Churchill

Hi Jeremy, would you want to ask specific questions about your situation or just generally ask a few questions to confirm what happened and then ask about service/why customers should stay with us. While we can get facts about your situation I don't know if spokesperson could answer  specific questions.

Also, I understand you were asking about participation in a give-away. I can look into that. Were you looking for a device? Is this a holiday promotion your show does? Sorry, again with lots of questions.

-----Original Message-----
From: Jeremy Bradley
Sent: Sunday, December 15, 2013 1:43 PM
To: 'Patricia Trott'
Subject: RE: Follow up from Maria Churchill

At least an explanation of the billing problem and how it is most likely affecting other people. Purpose of this: buyer beware- I discovered what is now a known billing issue, Rogers has confirmed it and now Rogers needs to educate the public about it. But I will also be dumping the entire story out there so as long as you can confirm the story I am giving, then that should be fine.

Yes, Monday is our 400th weekly show and the Christmas giveaways. Every year RIM/BB gives something for American listeners. This year they are doing the BB Z10 and BB mini speaker. When Rogers participated in the past it was something for the Canadian audience as BB's New York-based PR company only provided for U.S.


-----Original Message-----
From: Patricia Trott
Sent: Sunday, December 15, 2013 4:03 PM
To: Jeremy Bradley
Subject: Re: BlackBerry press

I can look into getting you a blackberry. When would you need to get the device? I'm really sorry but don't know that I can get anyone to do an interview today. I know you're taping today. Is there anyway we could do a follow up on another day?

-----Original Message-----
From: Jennifer Kett
Sent: Sunday, December 15, 2013 4:18 PM
To: Jeremy Bradley
Subject: Interview with Rogers

Hi Jeremy,

My colleague Patricia forwarded me your request. Are you looking to speak with someone at Rogers this afternoon? When are you available and what number can you be reached at?


(Below was also sent to Patricia individually)
-----Original Message-----
From: Jeremy Bradley
Sent: Sunday, December 15, 2013 4:35 PM
To: 'Jennifer Kett'
Subject: RE: Interview with Rogers

Hi, Jennifer.

We are done taping today.

As for an interview, looks like the only option is in the Dec. 30 show. Perhaps taping something Tuesday morning would work to air Dec. 30. I am off Mondays and then done until after Christmas.
Dec. 16: Guests Jimmy Rankin (Rankin Family), Seth Gold (Hardcore Pawn, truTV), Show 400 celebration, giveaways from Hershey's, Lego, Herr's and BlackBerry (taped Dec. 15)
Dec. 23: Guests Shawn Stockman (The Sing-Off, Boyz II Men), Eric Petersen (Kirstie, TV Land), giveaways from RCA, Hershey's and Memorex (taped Dec. 15)
Dec. 30: TBD

Would Tuesday morning work?


No responses from anybody. Wah wahhhhhh. Sorry, Rogers. You had your chance!

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