JANUARY 8, 2008

This year I'm going to... ah, forget it
       Itís a new year and that means itís time for a new you. Isnít that how it goes?
       Make your New Yearís resolution and keep it for a couple days and by the time you read this column Ė nearly two weeks into 2008 Ė youíll have forgotten all about it and be back to your regular routine.
       Donít get me wrong, Iím all for making better choices in life but I donít understand why people wait for a new year to take the leap.
       Typically itís a resolution to be more active, stop smoking, stop biting fingernails but itís odd to me why people donít feel they can do this in, say, July or August or even November Ė essentially anytime of the year.
       Perhaps New Yearís resolutions are something that we donít really want to do but feel that we have to because itís expected of us, probably because weíve been criticized and been made to believe we need to make the changes.
       People look at it as, ďOK, Iíve only got a few more days to smokeĒ or ďTomorrow I am going to workout.Ē Whatís wrong with today? If you really, really, truly want to accomplish this goal you theoretically can start doing Ė or not doing it Ė today.
       My resolution was to stop commenting on what others do, not be so critical of others and start focusing on my own life. But I guess Iíve also fallen off the wagon already. Ah, maybe in 2009. This year Iíll start biting my nails, smoking and not exercising and then plan to quit those habits in 11 months.
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