JULY 1, 2009

Quiz me all you want, I still love Canada
       Every year at this time I feel pride in being Canadian and I give thanks for living in such a great country. Despite how much we gripe and complain about things, Canada Day gives us a chance to realize how fortunate we are.
       This year was no different, except for one thing. This year I took one of those quizzes that tests your Canadian history knowledge and I kind of failed. OK, not kind ofÖ I failed.
       After sweating through a few questions that featured pictures of prominent figures in Canadian history, I started to wonder how I could be proud of a place I seemed to know very little about.
       But then I talked myself up into believing I donít need to be a history expert; leave that up to the history experts. I am a Canadian. I was born here, I live here, I work here, I love here. Isnít that the bottom line?
       Yes, these online quizzes and tests in newspapers gauge my knowledge of stuff that happened way before I was born, but Iím up-to-date on current events and know whatís going on in my own backyard.
       Can I name the first five prime ministers? No. Is knowing that important? I guess so. I wouldnít say it is vital. Do I know the names of our current provincial and federal leaders and cabinets, etc.? Yes. Do I follow news and know whatís happening from coast to coast to coast? Absolutely.
       And, how about this fun fact about your favourite newspaper columnist: I worked all through Canada Day because my radio show airs primarily in the United States and I had interviews and regular business to take care of.
       Did I wish the American celebrities a Happy Canada Day? Of course I did. They got a kick out of it. In fact, prior to taping one interview, I educated a millionaire star all about our fine country.
       So that, my friends, is what being Canadian is all about: telling people great things about where you live, standing up to snide comments made by outsiders and being thankful to live in a country that is a pretty decent place to be.
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