FEBRUARY 13, 2008

The little harmless lies
       Itís really easy to lie these days, isnít it? Whatís worse is that in todayís world itís very easy to get away with being dishonest.
       Itís easy to cover up the truth by padding it with a few extra lines to be in the clear without getting busted. Technology makes it even easier to hide things. In fact, itís easier for people to hide in general.
       Cellphones can be shut off, unanswered and ďlostĒ even. How many times have you ignored someoneís call only because you didnít want to talk to that person and then lied about the reason for not answering? Did you really tell mom you had no desire to talk to her? Did your boss know that you werenít actually busy and couldnít answer?
       Granted, these arenít major lies but there is still deception. These ďlittleĒ lies seem harmless but the fact is weíre living in a society that lies more and more with devices that make it easier to get away with it.
       Remember when you were younger and told itís not OK to lie? Do you remember the first lie you told after that? Did you feel bad about it?
       What about now that youíre grown up? Do you realize when or even how many times you lie? How many ďlittleĒ lies have you told today? Iím not a bad person but itís not even lunchtime as I write this and I can remember telling three ďlittleĒ lies to people. The lies werenít anything drastic, but I still wasnít telling the truth.
       Maybe itís because we see politicians and celebrities doing it that makes us think lying is OK. Weíve just come to the conclusion that itís socially acceptable to be dishonest.
       Here I sit: an 18-year-old muscular blond with dashing good looks and millions of dollars and I just canít believe anything I hear or read these days.
       OK, so Iím not 18Ö letís go with 19.
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