OCTOBER 29, 2008

Karma rhymes with witch
       They always say karma is something. You know what I mean Ė it rhymes with ďwitch.Ē Last week in this column I was on my high horse about people not dressing appropriately for winter and that sort of craziness will get you sick. And guess what happened to me the next day. Yup, sick as a dog and still have been a week later.
       I dress warm on the cool days and make sure Iím always bundled up, but I still got sick. Embarrassing? Kind of. Frustrating? Very.
       While Iím not writing this column to retract my statements, because itís been proven time and time again that if you donít dress warm you can get really sick. I am pulling back on the preachy-ness of my winter wear statements. Why is that?
       Because there are many factors that make us sick. Very often itís because we donít properly wash our hands or we pick up germs in day to day life. A lot of times thereís nothing we can do ourselves because we have to be around people for school or work, and we canít control others around us.
       So while I back down a little bit on my lecture about dressing warm for winter, I do step up my fight to encourage others to stay at home and in bed when you are sick. Iím not pointing fingers, but perhaps itís the people in my life that cough without covering their mouth, or sneeze and donít wash their hands that made me ill this week.
       Every week I end with the line ďthatís my pointĒ and Iím sure youíre asking yourself what it is this time. Itís that not only are we responsible for the general health of ourselves, but we also have a direct impact on those around us. Again, am I suggesting I got sick because of people coughing and sneezing? No. But this is just a friendly reminder we can do things to keep those around us healthy.
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