JULY 15, 2015
Jenner needs to meet the Cowardly Lion

The fanfare continued for Caitlyn Jenner this week. The ESPY Awards Ė recognizing the best in American sports Ė were handed out.

Admittedly the ESPYs arenít typically a huge television draw. If anything, the big name they were touting this year was Jenner. Why? Probably because the trendy thing these days is to be transgender. Itís the new ďinĒ thing Ė itís like the new gluten free.

Jenner received a courage award for the, I guess, courageous transition of going from male to female.

To be politically correct and not face some sort of backlash which is so common these days, allow me to state the standard disclaimer: I think Jenner going public with the struggles and journey to transition are admirable and hopefully will encourage tolerance and acceptance to the transgender community. There. I said it. Can I get to my point?

The standing ovation at the ESPYs was a little much as Jenner took the stage to accept a courage award. I tweeted that I want to cut off my balls during radio ratings time and see what that gets me. Will I even get applause, let alone a standing O?

I think people facing a cancer battle are courageous. Why isnít there an award for survivors like that? Living your life as the person you believe you have always been doesnít sound courageous to me. It would be like saying, ďIím really a blond but Iíve lived a lie all these years as a brunette.Ē Applause, applause, applause for your courage. Brave soul.

Watching the hotly anticipated spectacle that has become Jennerís life makes me wonder why previous transgender people Ė notably Chaz Bono Ė didnít have the same ceremonial applause, dedications, tributes, tears and standing ovations from thousands of people. What makes Jennerís story any different? Aside from being a famed athlete decades ago, of course.

So I understand the world needs more tolerance. I agree that people should be more open minded. But if Jenner truly wants to be an inspiration and a voice for an underrepresented segment of the population, I hope that $5 million paycheque for the new reality show on E! is being donated to charity. I hope that cash is going to do some good and not just turn into more dirty Kardashian money for Jenner: family-man-turned-hypocrite.

Jenner previously said itís not about publicity, so how can you explain playing hard to get with E! and trying to stir up a bidding war between TV networks? Sounds a little disingenuous when we start to throw in all these behind-the-scenes facts, doesnít it?
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