AUGUST 29, 2007

I'm not a hater, but...

Dear cancer,

There are a lot of things in life that I donít like. Rarely would I say I hate them but I truly do hate you. You have physically hurt and devastated so many peopleís lives. People who I love dearly and who will never get back what they lost from your disastrous grip. Itís like a chokehold you instil in peopleís lives forever. For that, I will never forgive you.

You are a murderer. Youíre an elusive homicidal maniac that no one can catch. If you were a person youíd be locked up forever. The worst part is everybody knows you but very few have the power to stop you. You are so well-known that every single person in the world will somehow be connected to you. Whether you will directly affect us or someone we care about, we all have to deal with you sooner or later.

You destroy everything you touch. Iím not a violent person but I wish I could destroy you. People cringe at the thought of you. People get sick because of you. You are single-handedly responsible for the deaths of my grandfather, my aunt, my uncle, my friends and whatís your response? You just move on to your next victim.

Is there ever an apology? Is there ever any remorse? What do we get from you besides heartache and pain? Are you there to comfort us? Do you see us crying at the gravesite of our loved ones? Or are you too busy plotting, scheming and surveying the crowd to see who youíre going to attack next?

Iíve written many things in my day but never has this letter meant so much. I am confident in saying that I hate you and I hope to never have to battle you myself. Because if I do, watch out. Iím a fighter.

Hatefully yours,

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