JULY 4, 2016
Every day should be Canada Day

If there's one thing in this country that we do right -- and I mean really right -- it's celebrate Canada.

We might not be hardcore flag wavers every day of the year like the you-know-whos down south, but we ramp up the red and white for Canada Day... and any sort of global hockey championship. Can't forget about that.

This year I once again did a day of event hopping and checked out different community events happening. Everything from a neighbourhood talent show with local bands playing to smaller fireworks displays some groups had.

It took me back to being in Vancouver during the Olympics when Canada won the gold medal in hockey. Sure, there was a little more celebrating (and booze) but the national pride couldn't be missed.

But much like the Games, in Manitoba on Canada Day, you never knew when O Canada would break out. And no matter where you were, you joined in on the singing and if you had a flag nearby you sure as heck waved it.

So every year we see these different online quizzes about how well? you know the country's history. You are made to feel less Canadian if you canít answer every question. Hogwash. Bottom line: I might not know every little detail about the past prime ministers or the significance of maple, beavers, coins or the Queen, but I am damn sure I know what makes the country great.

We all make the country great. While I love having one day to celebrate Canada we need to get out of the mentality that we are only one people one day of the year. Why can't we have the sense of community all year round like we have on July 1?

The truth is, we can. For the most part, we choose to be humble Canadians who remain quietly patriotic about our country, which I guess is part of our charm as Canucks. But sometimes it sure is fun to let loose and have a party.
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