Disconnecting for a long weekend

Do you ever get into one of those moods where you say, ďItís going to be a me day?Ē and avoid the rest of the world at all costs? I did that for a weekend and said I had no desire to see anyone or anything outside of my little bubble I was going to get in.

The bubble consisted of my pets, which is fine. They arenít that much of an intrusion.

I committed cellphone sin and had mine turned off for nearly three days straight. Itís one thing to do that while on vacation (with the odd check-in to see if there are any important texts or emails missed) but to do it while lounging around at home is damn near reckless. For as much as people say they go on vacation to get away from everything, they generally still stay in touch on social media and update everyone. I was doing none of that and I was just laying around the house and yard.

On Friday afternoon I went and got the essentials Ė food and booze Ė and hunkered down for a weekend of doing nothing.

I kept the living room blinds and curtains closed the entire time. My backyard has a tall wooden fence so I was ensured privacy. I laid out in the backyard sipping a cocktail or two (or three, or five) and zoned out. The silence was all around since everybody fled the neighbourhood and was out doing stuff. I didnít care. The stuff I was doing was nothing. It was nothing stuff. It was nice.

Most people look at Labour Day as one last summer hurrah. Itís usually after the long weekend the weather changes and Manitobans get depressed for fall and winter weather. Fortunately for me I have a job where I get to travel and escape our climate. I already know that I will be hitting some hotspots for work later this year so Iím not entirely depressed about summer coming to an end.

It is kind of trippy to go three full days without seeing another human being and not speaking a word. I canít say my hands were shaking at the thought of not being on social media because at most I spend maybe five minutes per day on it in my leisure time. (Though I did have to live tweet Monday night for Bachelor in Paradise on TV.)

If you arenít attached at the hip to your cellphone or social media page, then you probably canít relate to this, but I highly encourage anyone to escape for at least a weekend and see how you can clear your mind and get focused. Then come Monday (or Tuesday) morning rush to find out what you missed when you reconnect.

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