JUNE 11, 2008

I'm not cool or young anymore
       By todayís standards, Iím a loser. What I found fun and what I still enjoy today, is a snooze to todayís young people.
       Iíve never lit on fire someone elseís property, Iíve never smashed windows, Iíve never stolen a vehicle, Iíve never had random sex with a stranger, Iíve never done illegal drugs at a party, Iíve never smoked a cigarette.
       Not to say all young people nowadays enjoy these activities, but an increasing number of them are thinking the mainstream law-abiding lifestyle is just too plain. As a result, itís more fun to do your own thing and not think of other people.
       Iím no angel. Iíll admit that out in the country when I was 15 or 16 I was drinking a little too much with my friends. We werenít out causing trouble, we were at the cottage with parents supervising. Not that this makes underage drinking acceptable, but at least we werenít going around deliberately doing things for either attention or just for kicks.
       I remember when I was in grade 9 and a classmate had sex with someone. None of her peers could believe it because it was unheard of at that time. Now, students are openly talking about it and they are much younger.
       ďI havenít had sex in like three months,Ē one girl said to her friend while walking behind me the other day. She didnít look much older than 14 or 15 and it was shocking to hear something like that from a little girl.
       Perhaps it all goes back to priorities and where motivation comes from to make something out of life. In high school I knew I wanted to be a writer and I started looking at avenues to pursue that dream. I was so focused on accomplishing that, that I didnít have time to sit around, be bored and raise hell.
       I used to laugh when I was a teenager and heard parents say, ďItís so much more difficult to grow up today than when I was young.Ē
       Now I feel like one of those old people and I just shake my head and be thankful Iím not having to grow up in a reckless society. Sometimes itís bad enough just living in it.
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