NOVEMBER 1, 2006

       What's the fuss about babies?

       Babies make people do weird things. There are two new infants in my family and because of them Iíve seen a different side to many people.
       Itís true that a newborn, like a puppy, is cuter when itís little. For some reason thatís the one part I agree with. But what I donít understand is this odd obsession people have with wanting to hold a baby and then getting all gushy during the process.
       Youíre holding something that has no idea who you are and generally is asleep while you do it. In the case of some people, this could be done for hours. Either sitting or standing, eventually your arms get locked or numb because you havenít moved them for so long. 
       Itís not quite the same as cuddling with a romantic partner because you donít have arms wrapped around you so itís a one-sided effort. If you just held your partner in your arms for hours without getting anything in return you would start to think he or she was selfish. Why is it adorable and cute if itís a baby?
       When there is a group of people around Ė letís say they are all related Ė there tends to be arguments about who gets to hold the baby next. Often people are unwilling to give up their holding time because they want to stare longer at the little wrapped up, motionless bundle.
       Iím not saying that I donít think babies need to be cared for and nurtured. We all know they do. I just donít understand the territorialism people have when it comes to holding a newborn. And I've never considered anybody throwing up to be a cute trait, but somehow babies can get away with it.
       You still have about a year or so to hold the baby and stare at it before it gets antsy and doesnít want to be smothered.  At least give it a few months after itís born so the kid can actually see you. And isnít it better once the baby grows up a little bit and has his or her own personality? This way they know who you are and can appreciate what you do for them?
       Maybe part of this is jealousy because people donít have the same sort of reaction when they see me now. Although, when I think about it, Iím not sure how much Iíd want people grabbing me and never putting me down. Iím still adorable so I can see why they would have those feelings.
       But when it comes to babies without personalities, I just donít get what all the fuss is about.
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