FEBRUARY 2, 2009

I have a short attention... look what's on sale!
       We interrupt this regularly scheduled column for lazy web surfing, text messaging and lunch plans.
       Iím timing myself to see how long it takes to finish this column. Maybe thereís too much going on around me that I just canít focus or I have that disorder, but I canít remember the name Ė itís too long.
       OK, so maybe I have a problem. But it isnít just me.
       Before Christmas I chatted with Ben Mulroney and Tanya Kim from CTVís eTalk. We were discussing 2008 in the celebrity world. Throughout our conversation we each became stumped about what had actually happened that year. When was the writersí strike? When did Heath Ledger die? We knew the events happened but they seemed so long ago.
       Mulroney pointed out todayís world is so fast-paced that itís not considered 24-7 anymore, weíre literally down to the minute when it comes to reporting stories and instant updates. Sometimes a refresh of a page and youíve got changes from the source.
       Have you ever sat at your desk, opened up your Internet browser determined to search and find something, only to get distracted and look at something else online? It happens more often than we think. Take notice next time youíre working. If youíre working right now, I hope reading this paper is part of your job! See, youíre doing it again!
       I just need to get a number off my phone so I can call so-and-so about work, but look at that, I got a text and now Iím playing a game on my BlackBerry. Dammit, did it again!
       Weíre all guilty of it, but itís also kind of scary. We are bombarded with information that catches our eyes that we canít help but get sidetracked. How can we stay focused with so much happening all around us? If you have any tips, Iíd like to hear them.
       And for the record, this column took 23 minutes to write considering I only ordered two DVDs, sent one email and confirmed lunch plans with my brother.
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