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WHOSE BODY IS IT, ANYWAY? -- A Manitoba politician wants the government to have authority of your body when you die.

THE NAME OF THE GAME IS BLAME -- Today's world is full of victims. Many people like to point fingers. Are you a finger-pointing victim?

A DAY IS A DAY IS A DAY... OR IS IT? -- It seems like every day on the calendar has some new significance: National Peanut Butter Day, National Beer Day, etc. Is the significance of more "important" days getting lost?

R U KEWL ENUF? -- If you appreciate the English language you probably cringe at texting and social media shorthand.

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF CANADA'S GEMS THIS YEAR -- As the country celebrates its 150th birthday, Jeremy Bradley recounts a fun experience in the north.

WHEN GOVERNMENT CHOOSES WHICH ADDICTIONS ARE OK -- New rules in Manitoba let you gamble at a government-run casino any time of the day but retail shopping hours are still heavily restricted.

IT'S TOO SOON TO TELL HOW THIS WILL GO -- Justin Trudeau has his first meeting with President Donald Trump. How will the relationship play out?

I'M NOT THE SELL-OUT -- A Canadian TV network bitches about ratings being down for a major American sporting event it pays millions of dollars to broadcast.

COMEDY WRITER FIRED FOR A JOKE? REALLY? -- An SNL writer is the victim of an overly sensitive society but how many of us would be fired every time we made a joke at the office?

WHICH OF THE 2 ARE YOU? -- In today's world you often fall into one of two categories. Take a look and see which one you are.

WHO (OR WHAT) IS DOING THE TEACHING? -- Young kids don't know basic things but are parents right to blame the school system? What happened with educating your own kid?

THE COUNTDOWN IS ON TO PRESIDENT POSITIVE -- President Donald Trump. Did you ever think you would hear that? Some thoughts before the businessman and reality star takes office.

THE IMPERSONAL TOUCH OF HOLIDAY GREETINGS -- Remember the days of hand writing a Christmas card and sending it in the mail? Now you're lucky if you get a mass message on social media (or at best a general post acknowledging followers).

THE NEW ME WILL BE ALL ABOUT ME -- A new year's resolution that will sound selfish to a lot of people.

MY NORTH AMERICAN CULTURE SHOCK: MONTREAL -- A visit to the Canadian city gives Jeremy Bradley a new opinion of the area.

MY NORTH AMERICAN CULTURE SHOCK: HOUSTON -- Gun-toting Texas gives Jeremy Bradley an eye-opening experience into the city.

IS IT WRONG OR JUST COMMONPLACE OR BOTH? -- It looks like racism is something to accept in today's world.

IT WAS JUST ONE OF THOSE DAYS -- When everything goes wrong and you've barely been awake for five minutes. Don't we all have those days?

PREDICTION: IT WILL BE A BLACK AND BLUE FRIDAY -- You already know what's going to happen. There will be fist fights and brawls for Black Friday deals. Wait for it, wait for it.

SADLY I WAS RIGHT, BUT SO WERE MANY OF YOU -- We must be psychics about a hot-button issue. Were you right, too?

MY ELECTION PREDICTION OF SORTS -- Will it be Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton? Jeremy Bradley's take on the U.S. presidential election.

WE AGREE ABOUT OBNOXIOUS CELLPHONE USE -- Readers chime in on the ridiculous use of mobile devices.

SO, APPARENTLY THERE'S AN ELECTION OR SOMETHING -- The world is taken by storm during the 2016 U.S. presidential election: everybody is talking about it all the time.

JUST SAY NO... TO YOUR PHONE -- Jeremy Bradley comments about the way cellphone use is getting out of hand in today's world.

WAS THE CONVERSATION REALLY THAT BAD? -- It was the pussy-grabbing comment heard around the world. But were Donald Trump and Billy Bush out of line?

WAS IT A ROYAL WASTE? -- Are visits from the royal family really worth the cost to taxpayers?

I HAVE A NEW RESPECT FOR WHAT'S INSIDE -- Attending a charity fundraiser gives Jeremy Bradley new insight into major health and life concerns.

THE NEW DEFINITION OF TV -- It has been redefined and now "TV" actually means tablets, phones and computers.

15 YEARS SEEMS LIKES YESTERDAY -- Watching 9/11 highlights on the 15th anniversary made it feel like the terror attacks just happened yesterday.

DISCONNECTING FOR A LONG WEEKEND -- Not many people do it willingly, but step away from the phone, the tablet, the computer and the Wi-Fi for a weekend. Go ahead, try it.

THE OLYMPICS MADE ME FEEL UNCANADIAN -- What should be a moment of national pride was actually the opposite during the Summer Games.

I WAS A HIPSTER FOR THE NIGHT -- The Tragically Hip's farewell concert had people around the world celebrating Canada's legendary music group.

SIT BESIDE ME, I'M NOT GROSS -- Have you ever noticed when there's an open seat on a bus or at an event that people often scan to see who they want to sit beside? Does it make you feel bad if a person looks at you and chooses to sit somewhere else?

WORK, WORK, WORK OR KEEP IT RELAXED? -- Do you plan to work like a dog and retire at an early age or coast through your career and retire when you are old?

ARE GUYS GETTING THE SHORT(S) END OF THE DRESS CODE? -- In many offices females are allowed to wear dresses and skirts that show off their legs. Is it sexist that guys aren't allowed to wear shorts in the workplace?

TO THEM I'M RACIST, TO US I'M CANADIAN -- A tweet during an American uprising had people lashing out at Jeremy Bradley and interpreting his message in all the wrong ways.

EVERY DAY SHOULD BE CANADA DAY -- It shouldn't happen once per year. People should show their love of their homeland every day.

ARE WE REALLY SHOCKED BY THIS ANYMORE? -- Sigh. Another terrorist attack. We've almost come to expect it. Are you stunned when it happens?

LAST WEEKEND'S BACK-IN-TIME MACHINE -- You'd think it wasn't 2016 anymore based on stuff that happened last weekend.

FUNNY MISFORTUNES -- We started laughing at fools during America's Funniest Home Videos. But how about cocky game show contestants? Do you root for them or hope they lose?

CANADA MET PM BALBOA -- Justin Trudeau wasn't Mr. Nice Guy when he got physical during a government meeting.

THE NOT-POLITICAL-OR-RACIST POLITICAL, RACIST TV SCANDAL -- It all comes down to a black and white thing for this daytime TV drama.

LOVE IS LOVE IS LOVE -- Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve, right? Yeah, yeah. People can't help who they fall in love with. A touching story about a Mexican gay couple that just wanted to get married.

WHAT A WILD 10 YEARS -- Jeremy Bradley reflects on 10 years of his internationally syndicated radio show.

A NEW MANITOBA? I'M ALREADY OVER IT -- A provincial election saw a major shift in government. The honeymoon period was pretty quick though.

A CHANCE TO BELIEVE IN MAGIC AGAIN -- A bunch of kids get the chance of a lifetime to visit Disney thanks to a charitable initiative. Jeremy Bradley goes along for the ride.

HE WANTED A VIRAL VIDEO AND NOW HE REGRETS IT? -- Armed with his cellphone to capture a woman doing something she shouldn't, a guy quickly uploaded it to social media to get her bashed worldwide... but then felt bad about it.

PEOPLE ARE SORRY FOR YOUR LOSS, BUT... -- A family mourns the death of a young child but were parents the reason he went missing and died?

APPARENTLY THERE'S AN ELECTION COMING -- People seem very out of touch with local politics when a major vote is approaching.

SHE'S A LADY -- It's about Kim Kardashian. Just read it.

EVERYTHING SUCKS -- How miserable do you get when you're sick? Do you hate the world or are you as pleasant as can be?

#OSCARSSOBLAH -- There was a lot of hype for the Oscars this year -- naturally, it was considered racist. But did the Academy Awards live up to the expectations of TV viewers?

START A DISCUSSION, YES. BUT... -- A controversial clip of a parent punishing his kid caught the eye of many people on a reality show. Is TV overstepping the boundaries though?

SHOW YOUR LOVE OF SAVING -- Don't fall into the trap. Valentine's Day doesn't mean you have to go broke buying flowers and other superficial things.

IT'S SO EXPENSIVE BEING A GROWNUP -- Even just the basics in life can make it hard for people with good-paying jobs to get by.

SO ABOUT THAT #OSCARSSOWHITE THING -- Another racism claim, this time for Hollywood's biggest awards show.

AND WHAT IF HE CALLED HER A BLACK GIRL? -- A reality show contestant used the term "white boy" to describe a guy. Would the guy have been racist or sexist if he called her a "black girl"?

THE RACE IS ON... AND ON... AND ON -- How many months is it until the U.S. says goodbye to President Obama? The latest election campaign seems to have been going on for years.

A BILLION REASONS TO BE HAPPY? OR "HAPPY"? -- Sure, a huge lottery win would change your life but would it make it better? And by that, read that as happier?

ABOUT THOSE NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS -- A new year rolls around and you say you're going to change but do you really want to? Most likely you'll fail.

WE SHOULD CELEBRATE THE YEAR AS IT ENDS -- So many people are quick to forget about the year that was. Take a moment to look back at all the great things that happened instead of leaving it all behind.

ANIMALS ARE PEOPLE, TOO... WELL, SORT OF -- Why can't people see that pets should be treated just like a member of the family?

DON'T USE YOUR BLACK FRIDAY MANNERS ALL YEAR ROUND -- One day per year people find it acceptable to elbow, punch and taser others. Don't be so aggressive throughout the year... or on Black Friday, for that matter.

ANIMALS HAVE IT EASY -- Take a moment to think about how difficult humans make their life but animals go through it without possessions and materialistic things.

PUT UP YOUR DUKES, IT'S BLACK FRIDAY -- Are people just going to stores on Black Friday for the sake of competition and getting rowdy?

MOVIE STAR, PRIME MINISTER SELFIE... UM, OK -- Canada's new prime minister is getting a reputation of being a hunky movie star and the king of selfies. (At least he's not an orange bigot?)

I REMEMBERED THEM -- Remembrance Day is a time to stop and take a moment to appreciate men and women in uniform. Read about the creative way Jeremy Bradley and his dogs paid their respect.

I THINK YOUR CHILD'S PRIVACY IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOU DO -- Parents, remember to exploit your kids and post pictures all over social media without their permission.

A DIRT-FREE DIRTY MAGAZINE? -- Playboy is famous for its nudie pics but that is all coming to an end. Can the magazine survive?

WILL IT REALLY BE A NEW CANADA? -- Can a shift in political leadership really change the way a country is?

THE COLD REALITY OF TODAY'S WORLD -- A homeless man sleeping on a bench is passed by and even feared. Some thoughts about the less fortunate.

COME ON, BE MORE LIKE BIEBER -- Is Justin Bieber a good person to look up to?

WHO IS THE REAL VICTIM IN A CHEATING SCANDAL? -- The recent hack of a cheating website had its members crying foul that they were victims. But are the wrong-doers going to get sympathy from anyone?

FRIENDS 'TIL THE END... OF THE CAMPAIGN, AT LEAST -- Celebrities rally behind presidential candidates but are they really pals outside of a campaign?

THE JOYS OF YELLING AT COMPUTER HUMANS -- The days of "press 1" and "press 2" might be over but there is a whole new anger when you speak your responses and the computer answering the phone doesn't understand you.

THEY CARE ABOUT YOU... WHEN YOU NOTICE THEM -- Commentary about the new group of "friends" people have on social media.

MURDERS ARE ENTERTAINING... BUT ONLY WHEN IT'S PRETEND -- Are the lines blurred? TV and movies are full of death but somehow society finds it entertaining. Does this violence make people act out?

HOW COULD A PUBLIC FIGURE THINK HE WOULDN'T GET CAUGHT? -- Subway's (former) sandwich pervert was busted for child porn and molesting kids. As a celebrity, it seemed pretty stupid he thought he could get away with such filth.

IS HE JUST CRAZY ENOUGH TO WIN? -- Donald Trump thinks he can be president. But is the story (and man) so strange that it could possibly happen?

EXPERIENCING THE FUN OF RURAL MUSIC FESTIVALS -- It's one thing to be at a concert with tens of thousands of people but how about kicking off your shoes and dancing in a field in a small town?

JENNER NEEDS TO MEET THE COWARDLY LION -- Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner is praised for bravery but that has people questioning the ESPY award that was handed to him/her.

THE GENERATIONS ARE CHANGING TRADITIONS -- Church, weddings -- stuff that used to be commonplace in society seems to be taking a back seat nowadays.

ONLINE QUIZZES TELL ME I AM NOT PROUDLY CANADIAN -- The things you can learn about yourself on the Internet when a survey about your own country attempts to make you feel un-patriotic.

EX MARKS THE SPOT FOR DRAMA EVERY YEAR -- A travelling carnival has the reputation of crime, thugs and danger. It wasn't that way when Jeremy Bradley was a kid.

THERE IS NO GREY AREA IN THE BLACK AND WHITE SCANDAL -- When it is discovered that the leader of the NAACP isn't black but says she is, it has people wondering if they can choose which "colour" they are.

ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST AT CBC -- On-air personalities are dropping like flies at Canada's public broadcaster. What is happening there?

IS IT HE SAID OR SHE SAID? -- Now that transgender is front and centre, how do you describe someone who is transitioning? Has society figured out what is acceptable yet?

WE'LL NEVER KNOW WHAT MADE HIM HOT -- Osama bin Laden was a horny bastard who had wives and an extensive porn collection. But what kinda gals was he into? Will we ever hear about his nudie mags?

A LATE-NIGHT LEGACY COMES TO AN END -- Late-night TV viewing is shifting. The old men of comedy are being replaced by energetic young comics.

I WONDER IF THESE GUYS MAKE MOMS PROUD -- "Fuck her right in the pussy" is the latest trend during live news reports. It's no longer cool to stand behind a reporter and wave at the camera. Now the game is to be crude.

APPARENTLY I WAS WRONG? -- Jeremy Bradley's commentary about the Baltimore mom who opened up a can of whoop ass on her hooligan son on live TV fell flat with readers.

HOCKEY PRIDE IS/WAS BACK IN MANITOBA -- When you love a team, you love a team. That's certainly the way it is in the prairie province.

WHAT'S THE WORRY? -- Sometimes it's not worth getting worked up about something but no matter what we do we can't stop it from happening. What's the trick to staying cool as a cucumber?

HOW CAN PEOPLE BE BORED NOWADAYS? -- It seems like people have ADD because there is always so much happening around us. It is strange when people complain about not having anything to do and resort to violence and killing just for the hell of it.

WHY DID I HAVE HIGH HOPES FOR THE INTERNET? -- Jeremy Bradley discusses his thoughts on seeing videos that are trending on social media and YouTube.

WHY DO 'EXPERTS' NEVER AGREE? -- Have you ever seen two people on a show who are both introduced as experts in their field but they can have two totally different opinions on the same thing? How do you know who is right? The loudest yeller?

WE'RE NOT THE SAME -- There really is a difference between Canadian and American life.

IT'S TIME TO SLOW THINGS DOWN -- He's never had a sip of coffee or Red Bull in his life but Jeremy Bradley feels like he's constantly hyper given how the world never slows down.

GIVE MONEY OR YOUR TIME? -- More and more we hear about leaders of charitable organizations having huge salaries and it makes you wonder how much of your donation actually goes to the cause. Is it better to donate time than money?

WHEN MOM TAKES CARE OF HER BALTI-MORON SON -- They were the slaps seen (and heard) around the world. But is a violently aggressive mom to blame for her son's reckless actions during the Baltimore riots?

ARE KIDS VICTIMS ON SOCIAL MEDIA? -- It's great that parents are proud of their kids but is posting pics and every detail of a child's life an invasion of the youngster's privacy?

GIVE ME WHAT I WANT -- The holiday season is a great time to feel guilty about leading a fortunate life. But what about what I want during the holidays?

GIMME, GIMME NEVER GETS -- Isn't it funny how people just expect you to hand over things to them because they think they deserve it?

THIS BETTER NOT BE AN I-TOLD-YOU-SO -- Justin Bieber fans can be wild and crazy but when they make threats on social media are they just weird enough to follow through?

HOLLYWOOD TAKES ITSELF TOO SERIOUSLY -- The rich and famous like celebrating their success but do they have a sense of humour when it comes to the realities in life?

I WANT TO BE ONE OF THE 'SOCIAL'ITES -- Jeremy Bradley has a good time speaking for a seniors group.

PLANNING MY FUNERAL -- Call it morbid but Jeremy Bradley already has his funeral planned out.

ROYALS ARE LOOSENING UP -- So much for that stuffy Royal Family. The new generation is actually pretty cool with the common folk and the oldies seem to be getting there, too.

CALM DOWN, ANIMALS -- Ferguson riots, tasers, shootings: what's up with humans? It's almost animal-like these days.

WINNING THE RIGHT TO PRIVACY IN YOUR PUBLIC FRONT YARD -- A woman sued Google because she was photographed looking trashy in her front yard. Did she have a case?

FEELING THE COLD AND FEELING THE HEAT -- A look at the numbers from that Ice Bucket Challenge that took the world by storm.

COLD TO THE ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE -- It's great that you can dump a pail of ice on your head, but do you know why you're actually doing it?

GOING IN WHEN YOU SHOULD BE HEADING OUT -- Journalists are getting killed in the Middle East but is "just doing their job" smart when authorities are saying to get out?

ANOTHER MAKE-MORE-LOSE-MORE BATTLE -- There is always cheers and boos when minimum wage goes up. What's the big deal?

NOT FILTHY ENOUGH TO BE GREEN -- Do you live in one of the greenest cities in North America?

IS YOUR INBOX LESS SPAMMY NOW? -- New anti-spam laws promise to give Canadians a break on unwanted email messages. But is it effective or useless like that do-not-call list?

IT'S A NEW GAY DEBATE -- The argument has changed from not being comfortable coming out of the closet to everybody but someone coming out for you... by accident.

WHEN A GOOD GESTURE GETS SLAMMED -- Even when trying to do something nice for Canadians, Air Canada can't catch a break.

ARE YOU GETTING TIPPED OFF? -- Who do you tip, when do you tip, how much do you tip? How about nothing and just saying, "You're doing your job and getting paid"? A B.C. restaurant feels the same way.

THERE'S SOME WEIRD PEOPLE ON SOCIAL MEDIA -- It's strange how people will do anything to get the spotlight on social media.

MORE PRIDE, LESS SNOW -- A visit to Puerto Vallarta to experience their Pride celebrations was eye opening.

YOU'VE GOT MAIL... FOR NOW -- Communities rallied to stop Canada Post from killing off door-to-door mail service. Did the message get through to political leaders? Apparently not.

SO, YOU'RE ABOUT TO DIE... -- It was an interesting discussion that relatively healthy folks had about people who are dying. What will you be thinking and how will you feel? Perhaps you won't know until you're in that situation.

TWO DEATHS, ONE COLUMN -- Some weird death stories in the news this week, take a look at commentary surrounding two of them.

WHAT EXACTLY DOES 'BREAKING' MEAN NOWADAYS? -- Remember when "breaking news" was serious and a huge story? Now the title is used to capture your attention. Do you feel duped?

I EXPERIENCED SOME PRIDE -- The fine folks of Jasper, Alberta celebrated Pride in the mountains. Take a look at some of the highlights.

KIDS TEACH US STUFF SOMETIMES -- Let's be honest: adults are uptight. What's precious is when kids haven't yet been tainted by the grown-up mentality.

PICTURE IT: A QUEBEC POLITICIAN OFFENDS CANADIANS -- The decades-old battle of Canada versus Quebec raged on during the Olympics.

WHAT IS THE HEART SAYING TODAY? -- Valentine's Day is all about being lovey dovey but is that just hooey? What's your heart telling you to do?

THE ARGUMENT OF WHO SHOULD GET DISCOUNTS -- Should you save money just because you're old? How about a student? Why not just make everything the same price for everybody?

ROGERS: UNRELIABLE FOR SERVICE AND BILLING -- Jeremy Bradley identifies cellphone billing issues and takes on one of Canada's biggest wireless companies.

SOME HEARTS BLEEDING FOR THE MAN FORMERLY KNOWN AS POSTMAN PAT -- Canada Post makes cuts but is it a good thing for local mailboxes getting less registered mail and more glossy flyers?

WATCHING PEOPLE IS HILARIOUS -- Sitting at a table in a mall for three hours, Jeremy Bradley observes some interesting things.

AN EERIE QUIET ON NOV. 11 -- Jeremy Bradley writes about the still silence of an early morning on Nov. 11.

MY CONTINUED RANT ABOUT CELLPHONES -- You can't even enjoy a concert anymore without the glow of cellphones all around you.

HAPPY UPTIGHT HALLOWEEN AGAIN -- We've heard it all before: kids are sexually exploited with daring costumes -- or should people just lighten up?

I NEVER READ WHAT I WRITE... I JUST CAN'T... REALLY, I CAN'T -- Do you prefer typing or printing? And are kids even having to learn how to use a pencil or is it all about writing with finger touching?

WALKING IN A MALL IS DANGEROUS -- Wait. Stop. On your left. It is crazy when you face a world full of texters.

WHAT'S IN A NAME -- SlutWalk made a splash with its name, but is it having a long-lasting impact? Apparently not, according to organizers.

SHOULD WE REFOCUS? -- Another Sept. 11 has gone by but are people able to move on with the constant reminder on the news?

SEEING HOW MUCH YUKON HANDLE -- JB visits Canada's northern territory for special radio broadcasts.

SOCIAL MEDIA IS A LOT LESS SOCIAL -- With so many ways to be in contact we seem to be missing out on human contact.

ANIMALS ARE PEOPLE, TOO... WELL, KIND OF -- The Calgary Stampede once again has animal rights activists complaining about the involvement of horses as they tend to, well, die at the annual event.

THE LOVE TAP GONE WRONG -- Tapping your lawyer's butt when the judge hands down a verdict is something that can bite you in the, uh, butt.

LET ME CARRY MY OWN BAG, PLEASE -- Celebrities have it easy but what happens when a 'regular' person gets the celebrity treatment?

ONE MIGHTY EXPENSIVE PLAQUE -- The Canadian Museum for Human Rights is (insert future date) years away from opening and a new corporate sponsor has come forward much to the dismay of its paying union members.

WAS THE HYPE WORTH IT? -- Target comes to Canada. JB visits the store and gives a review about what he calls the new Zellers.

SHOULD WE BE ABLE TO PICK OUR DEATH DATE? -- A news story about a woman's fight to choose when she dies has JB thinking about life.

EXPENSIVE STATUS SYMBOLS -- Tablets, phones and other gadgets give people a sense of self importance.

PERHAPS IT IS A LITTLE MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER-ISH -- If you hate your job, there is another choice: be your own boss. JB explains the stresses but thrill of being an entrepreneur.

MAYBE IT DOES SERVE A PURPOSE -- Twitter is a great platform to tell people when you tie your shoes, go to the bathroom or your baby laughs for the first time, but when it comes to actual news reporting it has its uses.

TAKE IT EASY -- Relaxing makes you appreciate the slowness of life. And it's damn hard to get back into the swing of things.

WHAT ARE WEDDINGS NOWADAYS? -- Gone are the days of the long, boring wedding ceremony. Couples are spicing things up to be unique. That's not always a good thing.

I HAVE DUMB FEARS -- Most people are scared of the dentist because of needles and drills but there is another terrifying thought.

A LOVE-HATE OR A HATE-HATE -- Readers speak out about hot topics in the news.

EATING SHOULD BE FUN -- A weight-loss challenge sparks an eating debate at the office.

A CASE OF THE FACEBOOK GIGGLES -- Some idiots post the dumbest things and it's quite comical when you're on the outside looking in.

OK, I MISSED THEM -- Being sick during the holidays and missing family get-togethers can be sad even though in the moment it doesn't seem like it.

BEFORE YOU POINT FINGERS -- Media gets a bad reputation when crisis happens, but how many of those critical of media response are glued to the coverage?

APPARENTLY WE DON'T MEAN IT -- Reader feedback to last week's column (see below)

DO WE REALLY MEAN IT? -- "Sorry" is an easy word to say but sometimes we utter it just to quickly resolve a problem. Do we mean it though?

WHO DESERVES IT MORE? -- Everyone's sad stories come out when they win a lotto jackpot. What makes a person more deserving than others?

B-B-B-BILLIONS -- Election campaigns don't come cheap. Now, does this article's title make sense?

EVERYBODY IS A REPORTER THESE DAYS -- Thanks to social media, everybody seems to report on "breaking news" and takes pride in alerting everyone about what is going on. But is it ruining true journalism?

LIFE'S LITTLE PRIORITIES ARE CHANGING -- Church, marriage -- things usually sacred to people -- are less attractive to the newer generations. Is the world changing for the better?

I'M STUPID AND I KNOW IT -- Technology makes life easier (usually) but our brains don't work as hard now.

THERE ARE STILL GOOD PEOPLE OUT THERE -- Getting lost in a big city can be scary but when there are friendly locals it actually becomes a fun time.

IT COST US WHAAAAT? -- Capturing a killer costs taxpayers lots of money. Thanks, criminals.

LOCKED-UP LIFE OF LUXURY -- Lobster, TV and much more (all free) after committing a crime. Is life easier in jail?

LAYING IT ON THICK -- Daytime TV's The Talk premieres its new season with the five female co-hosts shedding their makeup... and they look totally different.

HAVING A SMASHING GOOD TIME -- What's the deal with people getting off on wrecking things?

HOW TO FEEL UN-CANADIAN DURING THE OLYMPICS -- There is a right thing to say and a wrong thing to say when having discussions about the Olympics. JB learns the hard way.

IT REALLY IS JUST A NUMBER... AND A BACK PAIN -- JB turns 30 and reflects on the milestone birthday.

GET OUT OF HERE -- If you haven't experienced the wonders of travelling from coast to coast, there's no better time than during a Canadian summer.

WHY ARE YOU DOING THAT? -- If you love your job, great. If you hate it, why stick around?

WORRIED ABOUT NOT BEING ANXIOUS -- Do you ever worry that you don't worry enough? Or you think you should be worried but aren't? Does that worry you?

JUST GIVE HER A BREAK -- She was the tormented school bus attendant whose life was changed by a generous Internet campaign... but even that wasn't good enough for some people.

BITING THE YELLOWED HAND THAT FEEDS YOU -- Governments make millions off the taxes from cigarettes so it's a little weird governments sue cigarette companies for costing the governments too much in health care.

DO I HAVE A QUEEN CRUSH? -- JB develops a liking for Queen Elizabeth during the Jubilee celebrations

UNION! UNION! USELESS! -- Do unions really pack a punch like they used to?

ARE THE MIGHTY FALLING? -- Did Facebook's stock flop tell the rich and famous something?

I'VE HAD A LOT OF TIME TO KILL -- Several airport observations are made.

THE THINGS WE LEARN FROM KIDS -- Spending a day with kids can teach an adult about life.

CHANGE IS(N'T) GOOD -- The Canadian penny is going away. Is it really that big a deal?

CUSTOMERS WANT IT ALL - As shoppers we have high expectations of retail employees.

I AM A WATER SNOB -- When your water just isn't good enough for me.

TECHNOLOGY WORRIES ME -- Is it technology or the people using it that is the problem?

PEOPLE NEED TO LIGHTEN UP -- Is society more uptight than it was a couple decades ago? Why aren't we moving forward?

DON'T BE A NICE GUY OR GIRL -- Do nice people really finish last? Or do they finish first?

WHEN BULLYING TURNS DEADLY -- Oct. 20 was a day of remembrance for gay and lesbian bullying victims.

NOT A GAY KISS, BUT A CHEATING CELEB -- OUTRAGED? -- Adam Lambert's kiss at the AMAs shocked, but what about Tiger Woods's affair?

KISSED A BOY AND HE LIKED IT, ABC DIDN'T -- TV networks respond to Adam Lambert's AMA performance.

MY $10 LIST -- A couple wins $50 million in the lottery, but says it used its last $10 to buy the ticket. What would JB do with $10?

CANADIAN AMERICANISM -- Honouring Canadians that are Americans.

PLANNING MY FUNERAL -- Have you thought about dying? JB has ideas for his own funeral.

WE LOVE DEAD CELEB SCANDALS -- Michael Jackson, Anna Nicole Smith: will they ever rest in peace?

DID SPANKING MAKE ME GOOD? -- A freak out in a public place has witnesses discussing spanking.

QUIZ ME ALL YOU WANT, I STILL LOVE CANADA -- Every Canada Day citizens are quizzed about the country, but who cares what you know?

I'M A PROUD LOSER -- JB was a nerdy kid but at least he didn't wind up dead.

DO YOU WANT MY BLOOD, TOO? -- Are businesses getting too greedy these days?

WE SUPPORT THEM, SO WHERE ARE THE TROOPS? -- Where are the men and women in uniform when Manitobans need help during spring flooding? Oh right, they're overseas.

THINK BEFORE YOU IGNORE -- It's easy to pretend you didn't get that text or email, but not responding is like staring blankly at someone in front of you.

BEING NICE GOES A LONG WAY -- Imagine what a kind gesture or nice word can do for someone.

I HAVE A SHORT ATTENTION... LOOK WHAT'S ON SALE! -- You just have to read it!

KEEP BAGGIN' IT -- Grocery clerks, your jobs are safe with JB around.

THEY WANT IT NOW, BUT WON'T GIVE IT BACK QUICKLY -- Companies take your money immediately, but have you noticed how long it can take for you to get it back?

MAN'S BEST COMEDIAN -- He doesn't even have to tell jokes, what is the funniest guy around doing?

KARMA RHYMES WITH WITCH -- A week after lecturing people about staying warm for winter, a funny thing happened to JB.

HOLIDAY PARANOIA -- Scared to say Merry Christmas? You're not alone.

CANADIANS ARE JUST NICER -- Don't get lost in the United States. But Canada, well, that's a different story.

NO NUDITY, BUT LET'S SEE MORE MURDERS PLEASE -- It's strange what people want to see on TV.

WHY DO I HAVE STUFF? -- Everything that can fail me, fails me.

WHAT IS HEALTHY THESE DAYS? -- Eat this, don't eat that. Do we really know what's good for us anymore?

AM I BUSY OR JUST LAZY? -- Have you given the excuse that you're busy just to get out of doing things around the house?

BE A GOOD EMPLOYEE, USE YOUR OWN STUFF -- Employees are using company property like it's their own.

I'M NOT COOL OR YOUNG ANYMORE -- Being a teenager is totally different these days.

CAN YOU SPOT ME A FEW HUNDRED BUCKS FOR A NEW CELLPHONE PLAN? -- Canadians are getting taken for a ride when it comes to charges and fees for having a cellphone.

LET ME PEE IN PRIVATE! -- Everywhere you look there are ads. Bathrooms are no longer safe.

IF YOU DON'T MAKE ENOUGH, GET A NEW JOB -- When minimum wage goes up, those earning it still complain they don't make enough money.

HOCKEY PARENTS TOO ROWDY -- Parents wanting to see their kids be violent. Is this what hockey is all about?

SWIMSUIT TIME AGAIN... AT LEAST FOR WALKING -- Spring means everything is melting and muddy... especially pedestrians.

I THOUGHT I HAD PATIENCE, BUT... -- A new puppy can really test your nerves.

SOCIETY HAS MADE ME AFRAID OF GERMS -- Be careful what you touch and how many times you wash your hands.

THE LITTLE HARMLESS LIES -- We all tell them. Do we put much merit behind the fibs we tell?

CUBA CHANGED ME -- An eye-opening experience for JB made him think about what life is really like in Canada.

DENYING IS LYING -- Call it what you want but when you deny something you're still withholding the truth and that is lying.

THIS YEAR I'M GOING TO... AH, FORGET IT -- Can you keep a New Year's resolution longer than it takes you to read this column?

THE ANNOYANCE OF CELLPHONE IGNORANCE -- Learn when to put away the cellphone and not answer it.

I'M NOT A HATER, BUT... -- Cancer is something everybody MUST hate. JB tells you why.

OH, BUT I DO UNDERSTAND -- People can read minds when they can tell you what you do and don't understand.

JUST THROWING OUT LOVE -- We love this and we love that. But is the true meaning of the word getting lost?

AM I THE ONLY ONE DISTURBED BY VIOLENCE? -- Watching violence is becoming trendy. Is JB the only one bothered be seeing fighting?

SCHOOLS CRAMPING STYLE -- Schools are making it hard for kids to look cool by banning the latest trendy accessories.

STRIPPING DOWN FAIRNESS -- When it comes to being comfortable in the summer, who gets more freedom: men or women?

BREAKING THE SILENCE -- Motorcycles can certainly ruin a quiet summer day.

IT'S RIGHT TO BE WRONG -- If you're wrong, admit it and stop trying to be a know-it-all.

I LOVE LOVING LIFE -- It's great to be happy. JB questions his own happiness.

WALKING IS SO OUT OF STYLE -- It's a hobby that not many people have -- walking. Why are we too lazy to travel this way?

I'M SCARED OF PARENTS, NOT TO MENTION THE LAW -- JB was terrified of getting his parents mad, let alone getting in trouble with the law. These days, youngsters don't feel the same way.

CHANGING THE CHANGING OF TIME NEEDS TO CHANGE -- Does anybody know when to change clocks forward or ahead anymore?

WORKING OUT DOESN'T MAKE A DIFFERENCE WHEN... -- Pumping iron and getting healthy but cancelling out all that work with one little thing.

JUST LEAVE ME ALONE! -- In a 24/7 world many of us would feel lost if we couldn't be reached any time of the day. Or would we?

DON'T FEEL SORRY FOR EVERYBODY -- E-mail scams are happening all the time. Find out how to recognize them.

IT'S ABOUT TIME WE SEE PAGEANT CONTESTANTS AREN'T PERFECT -- All of the scandals finally show us these women aren't as perfect as they appear to be.

TRYING TO SPREAD HOLIDAY CHEER -- A lot of people don't celebrate the holidays and don't want to be "merry" or "happy".  So what do you say to them?

HIDDEN CHARGES EVERYWHERE -- Things aren't always as they appear. Don't believe that? Check your bills next time.

DON'T SHOW US THE SPEED -- Car commercials show us vehicles whipping around corners and going great speeds. We also read headlines of high-speed chases with police. But that's how we were shown to use the car.

LEFT OUT IN THE COLD FOR THE HOLIDAYS -- While most of us enjoyed the warmth of family and friends for the holidays, many others spent cold nights alone.

TV SHOWS SCARIER THAN HALLOWEEN -- Is reality such a scary place when you look at what's on primetime TV?

WHAT'S THE FUSS ABOUT BABIES? -- People do strange things in the company of babies. JB has made some observations.

WHAT IS A HOLIDAY? -- A holiday used to mean a day of rest. What does it mean now and how has the meaning changed?

BOOSTING COMMUNITY SPIRIT JUST BY MEETING -- A block party brings people who, previously were complete strangers, close friends.

FIGHTING TO LEGALLY BE UNHEALTHY -- An argument over being allowed to smoke indoors is overshadowing the message that cigarettes are unhealthy.

HOW TO GET TAKEN OFF THEIR LISTS -- Some creative ways to get removed from telemarketing lists.

ARE YOU JUST HEARING THE MESSAGE OR ACTUALLY LISTENING? -- "Blah, blah, blah" is what we hear when we're told something we don't want to believe.

TO HIDE OR NOT TO HIDE? -- It's just easier to avoid a person rather than respond. But is it helping in today's world?

STORE POLICIES SCARE SHOPPERS -- New rules established by some retail outlets could deter people from buying life-saving items.

LIVING IN A WORLD WHERE REST IS FOR WIMPS -- It literally is a 24-hour world and that means that some people work, work, work on a 24-hour clock.

CAN'T HANDLE THE STRESS?  STAY OUT OF THE CLASSROOM -- Some teachers are now able to take a year off from work to "de-stress."

FAKE FEELINGS CAN HELP OTHERS -- Even if you don't care, sometimes appearing as though you do may help someone in need.  But how does it make you feel after?

I DON'T GET "BABY ON BOARD" SIGNS -- What do those things mean? People who have them in their vehicles can sometimes be the most crazy drivers.

THE END OF HUMAN CONTACT? -- In the time of computers we have less actual human contact. What does that mean for us?

UNDER THE TABLE GUM-STICKING IS SLIMY -- We've either done it or been the victim of leaving it behind. Gum under the table leads to a sticky situation.

CELLPHONES NOT THE ONLY DISTRACTION -- Cellphones have come under fire for being too distracting. Aren't there other things getting in the way of drivers?

DEATH BRINGS OUT THE BEST IN US -- After the death of a family member, many people react in different ways. Find out what JB recently learned about himself.
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Jeremy Bradley is a syndicated newspaper columnist, radio host and author. He is host of the top 40 music show Top of The Charts, country music show The Open Road with Jeremy Bradley, and daily celebrity headline show Entertainment Wrap Up.

JB was twice named outstanding talk media webcaster by TALKERS magazine. In addition to his hosting duties, JB is also an entertainment reporter for local morning radio shows where he chats with celebrities and covers red carpet events in New York and Hollywood.