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NOVEMBER 4, 2013
OK, maybe I kinda like Bieber now

If you have read this column for any length of time you will know that I donít care for Justin Bieber. Scratch that Ė I didnít care for Justin Bieber. Why do I now? Letís discuss.

First, I didnít like him because he was this darling young mommaís boy with the dimples who was so angelic it made me want to puke. I was a teenage boy. I couldnít wait to rebel. I saw through his phoney cutesiness.

Second, now that heís a train wreck taking on outrageous behaviour week after week, Iím actually looking forward to the next scandalous story.

In recent weeks he has urinated in a restaurantís mop pail, been spotted doing drugs, and now the kicker: he spent three hours in a Brazilian brothel and had two of the gals go back to his hotel room (and reports say he got kicked out of the hotel), days after he picked up a hooker in a Panama City bar and gave her $500 to, well, you know what hookers do and sent her back to the bar once they wiped up.

My only question: Mom, how proud are you now?

You see, before Bieber turned 18 he HAD to be in love with his mom and talk about how women should be respected since mom raised Bieber on her own noting that Bieber was the man of the house. But now that the man is shtooping broads for cash, mom is oddly quiet. Maybe sheís too busy counting the millions sheís getting from her precious man-whore of a son.

Bieberís concert Ė and even his post-concert Ė antics are thuggish, shirtless swaggering goon-riddled hooliganism. What happened with the respecting women thing? What happened with the being a proper gentleman?

Bieber has made himself a target so that at his concerts people are throwing eggs, water bottles and garbage at him. At nightclubs (not just the ones he is illegal in or getting kicked out of) his entourage is starting fights and getting his posse banned forever.

Am I supporting on condoning all of Bieberís recklessness? Of course not. But when it comes to the ridiculousness and poor choices that will ultimately be his downfall, I am like a giddy schoolgirl loving every minute of it.

Not that I believe Bieber is reading this right now (because I still think he canít read) but: Man up, treat women with respect and pull up your gosh-darn pants for crying out loud. P.S.- I love the drama in your life.