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FEBRUARY 15, 2012

The filth of Hollywood

I like to be the kid from Manitoba. My job gets me deep into the heart of Hollywood but itís always refreshing to come back home. (Trust me, if you have any issues in your life, you feel much better when you get back here.)

Naturally much of my week has been consumed with reporting on the scandalous details of Whitney Houstonís death. As a reporter you have to remove yourself emotionally from what youíre talking about anyway. There is a little part of me that felt slimy knowing I am getting paid to follow the tragedy so closely.

What made me totally change my mind was that there are people who are fascinated by the whole thing just because of who it is. It reminded me how I got into the whole celebrity craze anyway: I made fun of them because I didnít understand why ďregularĒ people idolized them and put them on a pedestal. Not much has changed, I still talk to the rich and famous like they are no different than me.

While I feel a little dirty waiting for the story to unravel I look at what people are saying about Houstonís death. One guy who lives in Los Angeles seemed deeply bothered about her passing and was posting glowing tributes, saying heís praying for Houston and her family. He went so far as to solicit comments from other people and wrote them on a card to take to the memorial in Beverly Hills and even sang a Houston song on the news as a tribute.

Sounds like a decent guy, right? Letís hold off on that judgment for now.

The same caring soul posted this a couple hours later: "OMG.... While at Whitney Houstons Memorial Sir Paul McCartney and his wife came and dropped flowers off.... I photographed them and then hopped on the bus to TMZ and sold pics for 900.00 bucks."

And it brings me full circle into feeling good about my life. As much as I am immersed in the celebrity culture, I am fortunate enough to be just distant enough that I donít have the full filth of the Hollywood lifestyle.

I at least report on the entertainment news on a daily basis. It just so happens Whitneyís death is the biggest story right now. Remember the mantra in this biz: give the people what they want.