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DECEMBER 23, 2013
Let the reality show courting begin

Last week I gave you a sneak peek at the upcoming season premiere of The Bachelor on ABC. The setup for hunky Juan Pablo Galavis's search for love had been heavily promoted more than a month before the new season starts in January.

And I, like many entertainment reporters, got a preview of what you can expect in the latest search for love on reality TV.

Usually there are 25 people vying for the title of temporary partner to the Bachelor or Bachelorette. Why do I say temporary? Over the past 20-something seasons only a handful of the couples are still together. Galavis is introduced to 27 women, many of whom comment on his sexy Latin accent. And with over two dozen competitive females and one guy, it doesn't take long for the fur to fly once the drinks get flowing - though sadly there isn't any drunken sloppiness
in the first episode.

In terms of memorable entrances: a woman struggles to push (and play) a piano up the driveway - and when I say "struggles" even Galavis cringes at some of the wrong notes she plays - but also forgets to tell her name prompting Galavis to run into the rental house to ask for it. Also, one woman steps out of the limo purportedly pregnant and the show goes to commercial. When it returns, the chatty women inside start talking about the competition when one says, "I'm just waiting for the crazy person" and then it is back outside for the pregnancy shtick to play out.

And naturally one female brings out a soccer ball to kick around with the, well, hunky soccer star, as he's called. As always, there's the insecure basket case who's afraid to approach the bachelor and cries and is consoled by the other gals, blabbing to Galavis that she feels out of place because her recent engagement just ended and blah, blah, blah.

There seems to be the token Canadian every season and this year it is a woman from Ottawa who lives in Germany and works as an opera singer. (Prediction: she's kind of uptight and not outgoing so I don't expect her to last long on the show.) "I guess I thought that I would feel more of this insta-chemistry than I did," she said to the camera nearly in tears, describing the connection as "forced." How does Galavis feel about her? You'll be surprised and it is definitely THE awkward moment of the episode.

What's the takeaway from the first night? The words: accent, sexy, body, gorgeous, cute, ohmygod are overused, and oddly, none of the hype is about him being a wonderful person.

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