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MILLIONS WELL SPENT? -- Super Bowl ads cost millions and millions of dollars. Is that 30- or 60-second spot worth the price tag?

I WANNA BE ONE OF THE 'SOCIAL'ITES -- Having lunch with a group of chatty seniors is an eye-opening experience.

HOLLYWOOD TAKES ITSELF TOO SERIOUSLY -- Enough said. Is it time to move beyond the we're-so-great mentality?

THIS BETTER NOT BE AN I-TOLD-YOU-SO -- More death threats from crazed fans. Is it worth being linked to a celeb in any fashion?

THE SHOW MUST GO ON... AND ON... AND ON... -- CNN prides itself on endless coverage of a news story but when is enough enough?

GEEZ, YOU THINK YOU KNOW YOUR FAVE RADIO HOST, BUT... -- A sex scandal at the CBC makes you think about the private lives of public figures.

THE MOST SHOCKING SCANDAL EVER -- Is it though? If anyone watches The Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor Pad/Bachelor in Paradise, you've heard this claim over and over again.

IS THE WORLD READY FOR A DEEN COMEBACK? -- Paula Deen hates your skin color but will she be able to jump back and proudly give you diabetes again?

HE FINALLY ADMITS TO BEING A STUPID TEEN -- This one is about Justin Bieber. Enjoy!

TIME TO MEASURE TV TWEETS -- TV ratings have changed in recent years. It used to be your television reporting what you watch but now people are engaged on social media.

IS OUR SPEECH REALLY FREE? -- Russell Peters chimes in about how uptight society is and why TV just isn't funny anymore.

SWIMMING WITH THE SHARKS -- Shark Tank is a hit on TV and Jeremy Bradley has talked with a few of the sharks to get their insight.

IT'S TIME FOR A SEXY CBC -- What can Canada's public broadcaster do to remain -- or even become -- relevant?

PROUD MEMBER OF THE DVR GENERATION -- Gone is the VCR and enter the DVR. Watching TV is totally different now, hey?

ONE MORE THING THAT'S NOT QUITE REAL -- The Kardashians are visual people (read that as love taking pics of their lives) but what happened when Kim stole random pictures from the Internet and used them as her own?

IS IT SPORTS, CHARITY, ENTERTAINMENT... OR JUST EMBARRASSMENT? -- An entertaining charity hockey game led to a bloody brawl. Now that's entertainment!

HOW TO STEAL THE JUNOS SPOTLIGHT: DON'T SHOW UP -- Canadians don't care about the Juno Awards... and neither do the nominated or scheduled-to-perform artists.

WAKING UP TO HEAR YOU DIED -- It must be quite a shocker to get up in the morning and hear you no longer exist.

TIDYING UP SOME TV TIDBITS -- Some random chatter about TV -- and listen to some weird E! editing to make a Kardashian sound like she can complete a sentence.

AWARDS SHOW SEASON IS FINALLY OVER -- It takes months for Hollywood stars to get their ego filled but for an entertainment reporter it sure is exhausting.

AMERICAN IDOL IS COSTING TOO MUCH -- Seems like the focus is on paying judges and not developing quality music. What's happening with the former hit Fox show?

ALL IN A DAY -- Up at 5 a.m. to tape an interview... or is he going to? Jeremy Bradley takes you inside the morning of an entertainment reporter.

HE'S NOT QUITE SO UNTOUCHABLE NOW, IS HE? -- It was only a matter of time before Justin Bieber was arrested, but what does it mean for the future and his career?

BEING LATIN ISN'T WORKING TO HIS ADVANTAGE ANYMORE -- The Bachelor makes homophobic remarks and women who used to be gaga over him are now repulsed

IS A SEXY ACCENT ENOUGH TO GET THE BACHELOR RATINGS? -- Jeremy Bradley previews the latest season of ABC's The Bachelor - Part 1

LET THE REALITY SHOW COURTING BEGIN -- JB continues his preview of The Bachelor's season premiere - Part 2

BOYLE IS BACK WITH A REVELATION -- Susan Boyle comes forward to address why people thought there was something 'wrong' with her

MORE CELEBRITY EULOGIES ON FACEBOOK -- Relatively unknown actor Paul Walker had Facebook users soooo upset -- and half of them had never even heard of the guy before

(AMERICAN) CELEBRITY INTERVIEWING 101 -- Bring on the fakeness, it's time to talk to celebs in Hollywood!

(CANADIAN) CELEBRITY INTERVIEWING 101 -- Talking to famous Canucks is comfortable and refreshing

'SORRY' DOESN'T CUT IT UNLESS YOU ARE REALLY, REALLY FORCED INTO IT -- A controversial sketch on Jimmy Kimmel's late-night show has the comic in hot water

OK, I KINDA LIKE BIEBER NOW -- Hookers, vandalism, thuggery: You can't write sh*t this good! Let's just watch Bieber's life unfold

TALK ABOUT BITING THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU -- NBC made Sean Hayes a star with his role on Will & Grace but now that his new sitcom is tanking in the ratings, he is blaming the network

BIG WINNER GOES BIGGEST LOSER -- American Idol champ Ruben Studdard talked about why he went on The Biggest Loser. And the reason might surprise you

COULD YOU IMAGINE IF TV EXPLOITED THINGS? -- The title explains itself. TV is all about ratings and there's nothing better than juicy stories and scandals to have people tune in

MAMA'S GENERATION ON DVD -- Legendary actor Vicki Lawrence talks about the hit show Mama's Family being released on DVD

NO GUARANTEES FOR A HAPPY ENDING -- The end of your fave show can be disappointing but even worse if you hate how it ends

HONORING A DRUG-ADDICTED NEWBIE BAD FOR EMMYS: CRITICS -- The tribute to Glee star Cory Monteith had many people upset at the 2013 Primetime Emmys

I'M OVER THE MAGIC (RED) CARPET RIDE -- JB comments about what it's really like covering red carpet events in Hollywood

THE MUSIC OR THE CRAZY? -- Is music about music or is music about the crazy artist in the video or on stage?

WHERE ARE THEY NOW? -- The Kardashians love being seen but when faced with tabloid reports, the usually spotlight-driven family fell silent

W. DISNEY IS ROLLING IN HIS GRAVE... AND COVERING HIS EYES -- All eyes were on Miley at MTV's VMAs, but was the reaction as positive as some might have hoped?

BIEBER, THESE GUYS KNOW WHAT THEY'RE TALKING ABOUT -- Music legends comment on Justin Bieber's reckless antics

A WRAP UP WRAP UP -- Updating stories from earlier in the summer

THE TALK OF THE VIEW -- A five-person daytime talk show format is seeing stiff competition with major shakeups at The View. Will CBS's The Talk gain viewers as the ABC show loses most of its talent?

LOOKING FOR LOVE IN ALL THE WRONG (TV) PLACES -- A chat with Bachelorette contestants as they talk about the journey to find love (and maybe get a little famous)

DO WE REALLY CARE ABOUT THE BABIES? -- People went crazy over Kim Kardashian's baby and William and Kate's bundle of joy, but does the interest linger or quickly fade?

WHEN THE PAST COMES BACK TO BITE YA... -- Paula Deen, Chris Brown and other infamous celebs know this all to well

A RACE AROUND THE... COUNTRY -- The Amazing Race Canada launches and it isn't exactly a global adventure like viewers are used to seeing

INTERVIEW EMBARRASSMENT HAPPENS TO ALL OF US -- JB relives an awkward red carpet moment

A CAREER-ENDING N-WORD -- Paula Deen's empire has come crumbling down all with a six-letter N-word

CASHING IN ON BABY -- It isn't a coincidence that celebrities usually in the spotlight hide out once a baby is born. Why? Because they are busy selling off pics to magazines and tabloids for millions of dollars

DOING YOUR OWN DAMAGE CONTROL -- You can't put a price on a good publicist -- and some people are learning that the hard way

MY MATURING TV TASTES -- JB once liked the crazy and outrageous but as he gets older he finds himself watching a new kind of show

YOU DON'T WATCH COMMERCIALS, BUT YOU DO -- Even fast forwarding doesn't get you past the product placements on TV these days

BIG BROTHER CANADA FINALE MOST-TALKED ABOUT REALITY SHOW ENDING -- Casting the wrong vote and awarding the wrong person the cash might go down as the stupidest reality show move... but it happened

THE DUMBEST QUESTION TO ASK -- Another drunken celebrity rant is captured -- though this time by a police dashboard camera -- and the fallout is swift and hilarious

TIME IS TICKING FOR TV SHOWS -- There is a very short shelf life for TV shows and sometimes you can be cancelled before you even air

REAL LIFE REALITY ALSO CONTAINS DEATH -- If your life is broadcast on TV, should your death also be part of a reality series?

WHAT IS A DOCUMENTARY THESE DAYS? -- Focusing on the dating life of those with diseases and conditions is considered TV entertainment these days.

POTENTIALLY OUT OF A JOB, SHE'S STILL LAUGHING ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK -- American Idol villain Nicki Minaj is undoubtedly the most hated judge in the series history, but she's still making more than you.

THE (LATE-NIGHT) TIMES, THEY ARE A CHANGIN' -- Leno is out (again) and Fallon is taking over?

MY RIDICULOUS FEAR WAS NOTHING -- A celebrity facing death makes wisdom tooth surgery seem like nothing.

IS THE WORLD TURNING ON HIM? -- At one time the world loved Justin Bieber but as his thuggish antics continue, he is booed, banned and blamed.

WE DID IT! -- A Canadian version of a hit reality show franchise sets records during its series premiere.

TIMING IS EVERYTHING -- Have you ever wondered why your favorite shows start at weird times?

CANADA'S LOW-END-GRAMMY NOMS ANNOUNCED -- The Juno Award nominees are named. The what? Exactly.

SO, I'VE THOUGHT ABOUT IT -- Maybe Carly Rae Jepsen really didn't deserve to win a Grammy after all. Worse yet, is she doomed to be a one-hit wonder?

WHY ARE WE REALLY WATCHING? -- The half-time show and commercials are the big draw for Super Bowl. Does anybody actually watch the game?

CALL HER (NAME) MAYBE? -- Carly Rae Jepsen had the biggest song in 2012, but does that necessarily equal a Grammy win?

REALITY TV CRYING MAKES ME SMILE A LITTLE -- Naturally it's about ABC's The Bachelor and Bachelorette. Have you ever seen people fall in love so fast and get their heart broken just as quickly?

IS HOLLYWOOD FULL OF ITSELF? WELL, DUH! -- Three simple words: awards show season. Are all the awards shows necessary?

WILL MOMS STILL LOVE HIM AFTER THIS? -- Bieber continues to make controversial headlines to start 2013. Will the cute little boy moms everywhere fell in love with still have their support?

THE HYPOCRITICAL WORLD OF JUSTIN BIEBER -- Drawing attention to yourself with reckless behavior but lashing out at the public outcry means little Bieber doesn't understand the celebrity world just yet.

OH, HOW THE TABLES TURN... AND THE ROOM SPINS -- It's one thing to mock drunken celebs about their crazy antics but what happens when you do the same thing -- and include them?

HAS DAVE GIVEN UP? -- Late-night veteran Letterman seems to be throwing in the towel for comedic creativity. Is he hanging on just to beat rival Jay Leno?

IT'S OUR TURN NOW -- Canada continues to catch up with its reality show rivals in the U.S. Amazing Race Canada is announced.

IMPRESSED BY THE STAR POWER... THAT IS ALL -- Canada's Grey Cup had a stellar half-time show lineup, but how were the actual performances?

SHOW ME SOME TEARS -- REAL TEARS, NOT THE ACTING KIND -- Cut out the fluff and get real in interviews. JB heads up some serious interviews with Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan and Survivor host Jeff Probst.

IT DOESN'T MATTER HOW LOVED YOU ARE IN PRIMETIME -- A new group of talk shows premiered but does previous success automatically equal ratings in daytime?

CAMPAIGNING LIKE A ROCK STAR... UH, WITH A ROCK STAR -- Presidential hopefuls call on famous friends for one last campaign push. Does star power sway the vote?

I BELIEVE THE CHILDREN ARE OUR FUTURE -- We Day is empowering kids in Canada and now the U.S. Are teenagers powerful enough to change the world?

THE CELEB VOTE -- Celebrities influence many aspects of society. What is their impact when it comes to a presidential election?

NO SYMPATHY FOR CELEBS -- You signed up for a life in the spotlight. Deal with it!

YOU ARE PROBABLY A BIGGER CELEB CHASER -- Being an entertainment reporter doesn't mean you are a crazed fan. In fact, fans often know way more than a journalist.

WHAT'S WRONG WITH THE BIEBS? -- Justin Bieber gets sick on stage when he kicks off his world tour. Is his alleged partying and reckless behavior catching up with the teenybopper?

YOUR RED CARPET Q&A -- JB answers reader emails about covering a red carpet event

WHO WILL TALK THE LONGEST? -- A new TV season sees a new crop of talk shows launching. What are JB's first reactions?

IT'S SHOCKING, BUT MONEY TALKS -- Reality shows are all about the judges and their big paycheques

THE FALLOUT OF HARRY'S CROWN JEWELS -- Naked pics of a prince... what else is new with Harry?

BEHIND THE SCENES OF A RED CARPET -- JB gives insight about what it's like covering a Hollywood event

ROASTED OR SCORCHED? -- Comedy Central's Roast of Roseanne even has JB cringe... and he's got a warped sense of humour!

DID THEY GIVE THE AUDIENCE WHAT THEY WANT? -- How did the 2012 Summer Olympics stack up with viewers?

THE INS AND OUTS OF OLYMPIC PROGRAMMING -- What do the host broadcasters have in mind for viewers during the Olympics?

WE ARE OFTEN BETTER OFF THAN THEM -- Everyone thinks celebs have the best lives, but do they really?

THEY AREN'T ON THERE BY COINCIDENCE -- Reality show casting directors have filling these shows with characters down to a science

THERE'S NEVER ANYTHING ON! -- How many channels and still the TV is dreadfully boring

THE GIRLY GIGGLE FINALLY MAKES SENSE -- Anderson Cooper dashes millions of women's dreams and delights millions of men

GET ON YOUR FEET -- When you are at a concert, you need to be on your feet and not in your seat

OLDER CELEBS ARE A HOOT -- They have the most wisdom and can be the life of the party, JB writes about veteran celebs

SUCKS TO BE A LOSER... OR A WINNER -- Winning a reality show used to mean something... now, meh

THIS SEASON'S REALITY IDIOT -- There's one every year who becames famous for being infamous

EVERYONE GETS A THIRD OR FOURTH CHANCE -- Thanks to reality TV your return to fame isn't far away

IT'S FUNERAL SEASON IN TV LAND -- As the TV season comes to an end, so too does the run of many, many shows... especially this spring

SWEEP IT UNDER THE RUG -- Sweeps brings out the best (and sometimes worst) in TV shows

15 MINUTES OF SHAME -- It might seem like fame at the time, will it turn into shame after the high of appearing on TV wears off?

IT'S OPRAH'S WORLD AND WE ARE JUST VIEWERS -- The title pretty much explains itself!

JUNO WHO'S WATCHING THE AWARDS? NOT MANY -- How proud are the so-called proud Canadians not celebrating the country's music?

HE NEEDS TIME OFF FROM HIS (PARTYING) JOB -- Jersey Shore star goes into rehab because he can't handle his 'work'

THE FILTH OF HOLLYWOOD -- Whitney Houston's death has people's true colours show

I'D LIKE TO RETRACT MY FEELINGS -- Shortly after Whitney's death, I have a change of heart

CAN'T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG? -- Reality shows are more and more violent but it is what society likes

RELIABLE (TV) SOURCES -- Watching daytime TV gives lots of mixed messages

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